Victory for Affordable Care and Women’s Health!

Dr. Nancy StanwoodPhysicians is thrilled at the news of the King v. Burwell Supreme Court ruling. The Court has ruled 6-3 that the Affordable Care Act may continue to provide nationwide tax subsidies to help people buy health insurance and access the health care they need.

Our board chair Dr. Nancy Stanwood said:

Access to medical care is fundamental to the well-being of the patients we physicians care for every day….We know firsthand that women often neglect their health needs to pay for other life essentials such as food and housing. This ruling ensures that no woman will need to choose between her family’s financial well-being and her own health. This is a victory for public health and puts families first.”

Read her entire statement here

Newsletter: Celebrating Our Doctors’ Hard Work!

Jodi Magee, President/CEO It's been an eventful spring here at Physicians. From New York to North Carolina and beyond, our doctors have been out in numbers advocating for sound reproductive health policy. We also released our new ARSHEP curriculum. Finally, we celebrated two amazing physicians at the 10th anniversary Rashbaum-Tiller Abortion Provider Awards. Read more inside>>

Our New Video: “Why I Provide”

This spring, we undertook the mission of adding a new chapter to our wildly popular publication, Why I Provide, which was originally published in 2004. For this update, we teamed up with producer/director Linda Porto to film five physicians in our network as they spoke about their lives, their careers, and their motivations: Dr. Jennifer Amico, Dr. Bhavik Kumar, Dr. Gillian Dean, Reproductive Health Advocacy Fellow Dr. Kathleen Morrell, and board member Dr. Willie Parker.

This five-minute video highlights why each of them considers it an honor and a privilege to be an abortion provider and continue this vital work, despite mounting restrictions and threats to their safety. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Remembering Dr. Tiller

Dr. George TIllerSix years ago, we lost a dear friend, a brilliant and compassionate physician, and a true hero. Dr. George Tiller was murdered at his church by an anti-choice extremist. While we will never fully be able to forget the tragic loss of this day, we also will take the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Tiller’s life and work and share the ways in which he inspired and touched us all.

Our memories of Dr. Tiller are still quite vivid. Here are a few videos and written profiles that offer a small snapshot of the incredible and brave physician that he was:
Video: Dr. Tiller talks about how he became a provider
Video: Dr. Tiller explains why he continued his work, despite repeated harassment and violence
Video: Voices of Choice, our documentary about pre-Roe abortion providers, featuring Dr. Tiller
Oral history: “I have more to be grateful for than I have to be resentful about.”
Profile: A 1998 portrait of Dr. Tiller